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About Us

DATACRAFT exists to answer one question

Is Your Marketing Working?

What Makes Us Different?

DATACRAFT is an analytics-experience-media-strategy-business-impact-optimization-coaching partner.

We believe cross-functional is essential.

We marry business, tech and strategy to ensure results are appropriate, contextual and actionable. 

We focus on the blind spots.

We have a special focus on awareness and “top of funnel” marketing performance measurement, even in non-linear user journeys and online-offline scenarios.  


We emphasize enablement and maturity.

Data is only as good as what you’re gathering and how you’re using it. We help organizations focus on what they really need to know, measure and understand to grow.

We never forget that audiences are human beings.

Today’s emphasis is heavy on “big data” and AI, but we never forget the human element in understanding that everyone is on their own journey.

We carry insights upward to business impact.

We can think broadly about how to apply insights into improvements across digital properties, products, services and business models.

Meet The Team

The DATACRAFT team brings a level of expertise and capability that is unique. We have deep experience across all aspects of the project lifecycle, in every industry and client-size--from consulting to delivery.


Jason Lucey

Strategy & Analytics, Founder


Kevin Long

Tech Lead


Andy Lohr

Marketing Programs Lead


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Molly Hinrichs,

Puppet Labs

Jason takes a no-BS, hands-on approach with clients. He is pragmatic and results-driven, and customizes his approach to fit the particular challenge and the client’s needs. I can’t count how many emails I’ve sent with “one more question,” and Jason is always willing to lend a hand & help clarify.

Colin O'neill

Connective DX

Whether it's SEM, IA or analytics, Jason brings insight, experience and critical thinking to the table. At B&J, Jason quickly earned the respect of clients and co-workers with his clear thinking, results oriented approach and thoughtful perspective on the evolving world of search. He had a big impact on the success of our projects, and I'm confident he can do the same for you.

Chris Foleen,


In a nutshell, Jason created our marketing analytics capability. He was able to figure out what data we collect, where it is, what was missing, and hook it all up so we can get meaningful, actionable data. Our marketing efforts have improved leads and conversions in some cases by an order of magnitude. He knows his stuff.
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