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Marketing Readiness Check

Is your marketing ready for the holiday rush? Our multi-point marketing inspection will ensure your holidays are bright!

It's a tight economy and no one has room for error. Let us help you get your holiday plans on solid footing so you can have a smooth launch, clear results and a happy new year.  ​


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Our expert-level team has the knowledge and experience to make sure your campaign will be ready on day one. We've taken the unique approach of creating a truly interdisciplinary team that can help you identify gaps and uncover opportunities before you go to market.   

Greg Desmond

Creative Director

Greg Desmond is a creative with over 20 years of agency experience working on a broad range of brands at agencies like FCB, BBDO, Butler, Shine & Stern, Core, and 72andSunny. He brings a high level of strategic thinking, leadership, and creative excellence that deepens connection and understanding while strengthening a brand’s impact on the lives of its users.

Leandro Dumlao

Media Strategist

Digital native with two decades of experience, he brings a unique blend of strategic foresight and hands-on tactical expertise (PPC, SEO, Social, Content, CRO etc.). A Generative AI and Growth Marketing expert with unprecedented success at start-ups and enterprise companies in Silicon Valley

Jason Lucey

Analytics & Optimization

With over 20 years of experience, Jason has gained extensive experience in all areas of the analytics space, including highly regulated sectors such as finance and healthcare. His specialty is developing measurement strategies that tie tactical activations to real business impact for agencies and direct clients alike.

What It Means for You

We provide unbiased solutions to help you be successful. Our approach has no industry ties and no vested interests. Our only goal is to give you honest, expert feedback on how to make your marketing campaigns successful.

Coordinate your efforts for greatest impact
Silos and fragmented efforts are the grinch of holiday campaigns. They create inefficiencies and obscure your marketing impact.

Avoid pitfalls that delay your efforts and raise costs
Leverage our experience and knowledge to validate your programs and accelerate your go-to-market time. 

Reduce waste and redundancies
In our current economy, we have to be more diligent with our dollars. Mistakes and re-dos are a serious drain on budgets. We can help you avoid waste and focus on your best bets. 

Uncover quick wins that you can get you pointed in the right direction.

Our decades of practical experience and industry best practices help your campaign be successful from day one. 

You won't know how a Marketing Readiness Check can help your organization unless you ask:

We will get back to you very soon!

What is included?

Our Marketing Readiness Check is a 60-point inspection of your campaign approach that includes:

  • One-hour stakeholder interview to understand your campaign strategy and plan. 

  • Channel strategy. We'll review your channel strategy to ensure you are reaching the right people in the right way.

  • Media programs. We'll review your media program setup to ensure an effective launch. 

  • Messaging platform. We make sure that what you say and how you say is consistent and effective across the whole campaign experience. 

  • Visual Communication. We avoid confusion and increase recognition with consistent and effective visual communication.

  • Analytics Enablement. We'll make sure success is defined, tracking is consistent, and KPIs are active so your reporting is complete.

  • The Opportunity Scorecard. In the end, we'll rate and rank all the findings so you can act quickly on the low-hanging-fruit while you make long-term plans to address strategic improvements.

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