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Analytics Health Assessment

Gaps in analytics skills and capabilities create risks where marketing impact is less effective and more expensive than it should be. Having a clear view of performance and optimization is critical to maximizing marketing efforts.


The Analytics Health Assessment is a quick and cost-effective way to get started on improving the analytics capabilities of your organization. This work is intended to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in your current analytics approach, then provide actionable recommendations on ways to move forward.

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What It Means for You

  • Get an expert assessment of your analytics maturity and readiness

  • Discover how to become more data-driven and analytics-savvy as a team

  • Find quick wins that you can get started on right away. 

  • Plan for long-term goals that build important capability.

  • Identify low-value efforts that your team should avoid.

  • Learn best practices and tips 

  • Explore new technologies and tools that can unlock new insights and opportunities

  • Answer critical business questions with confidence and clarity

Interested in finding out how an Analytics Health Assessment can help your organization?

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Whether you want to improve your sales and marketing performance, optimize your data strategy, or harness the power of AI and machine learning, our Analytics Health Assessment can help you get there.  

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